MAUNAWAI® Pi®PRIME K2 water system

MAUNAWAI ORIGINAL Wasserfilter System


MAUNAWAI ® Pi®PRIME K2 water system
for ‘soft’ to ‘medium’ water

Learn how the MAUNAWAI ® water system’s four stages transform tap water into exceptional MAUNAWAI ® water.



The ceramic pre-filter is a preliminary filter which deals with any residue in the tap water.

It filters out dust, rust, discolouration and suspended solids or sediment.

With a pore size of only 0.2 µm, the ceramic is so fine that bacteria cannot pass through it. This provides effective protection from all kinds of germs.


Original Filter







At the “heart” of the MAUNAWAI ® water system is the multi-layer Pi® PRIME K2 filter cartridge.

I. Outstanding activated carbon made from coconut shells

High-tech, high quality manufacturing process and excellent performance. The  activated carbon removes organic substances, undesirable tastes and odours such as chlorine, pesticides, microbes  and many other contaminants.

II. The limescale filter reduces the amount of lime, nitrates and other undesirable substances.

III. Bioceramic filter. This releases traces of calcium and magnesium into the water. The bioceramics also change the water’s pH value, making it slightly more  alkaline.

IV. EM ceramics, PI® ceramics and calcium

EM ceramics were developed by Professor Higa. EM ceramics contain the energy signature of Effective Micro-Organisms, which are used successfully all over the world in farming, food supplements and many other areas.

Calcium stabilises the relationship between calcium and magnesium in the water, giving the water back its natural balance.


V. Small magnetic balls and quartz sand reorganise the structure of the water, thanks to their natural positive charge. The differing charges from the various layers work on the water, causing smaller clusters of water molecules to form. Magnet technology in the cartridge also facilitates this process.




The mineral stones in the final stage are made from zeolite, which absorbs harmful substances. The specially formulated minerals in the stone are important for the human body.




The filter’s special outlet valve

At the end of its journey the MAUNAWAI® water passes through a high-quality magnetic field in the tap, which “organises” the water molecules. This also has the well-known effect of decalcifying the water, which actually represents a change in the physical structure: lime “suspended” in the water tends to stick less to the walls of containers.

The result

The result of this natural filtration and percolation process is MAUNAWAI® “spring water”, which has a thoroughly pleasant taste, is soft and easy to digest . This is the type of water the cells in our bodies need and so we enjoy drinking it!

Try watering your plants with this water and see the effects...

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