The simple way to make the best natural MAUNAWAI® drinking water - any time, anywhere. Perfect for small households, on journeys or in the office.

Prepare pleasant-tasting drinking water in the blink of an eye and enjoy MAUNAWAI® spring water quality. You can also keep the jug in the fridge.




The filter pad protects the PI filter from suspended solids and filters lime and nitrate from your tap water .


Maunawai Jug, PI filter cartridge


  1. Limescale filter: removes lime, nitrates and heavy metals
  2. The high-tech activated carbon is excellent at binding unwanted substances and removes organic contaminants and undesirable tastes and odours such as chlorine, pesticides, pharmaceutical residues and other potential contaminants.
  3. The PI® filter technology transforms your tap water using advanced materials such as ceramic-fired tourmaline, calcium, Magic Balls, magnesium and quartz sand.
  4. For the finishing touch, EM ceramics (Effective Micro-Organisms) are built into the housing of the PI® filter cartridge, just as they are in our larger systems.

The result

The result of this natural filtration and percolation process is MAUNAWAI®“spring water” which has a thoroughly pleasant taste, is soft and  easy to digest. This is the type of water the cells in our bodies need and so we enjoy drinking it!

How about finding out for yourself how great MAUNAWAI water is!

Try giving your plants this water to drink and see the effects.

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